Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bible Quiz

This (click on my title) is a Bible trivia quiz that Christ Church has utilized to test their Greyfriars students.  The only one that I know to have taken the test scored a ninety-eight, but his name is Jeff Moss, and he speaks more languages than I can name offhand.  Oh well. 

Thought you might enjoy it.  Takes about ten to fifteen minutes.

Jesse Broussard


Nate said...

I got an 84%...and I only know one language. How can you associate with such a Biblically illiterate person?

J. A. Broussard said...

I also got an eighty-four percent, but they scratch vs. 8 on in the last chapter of Mark, so I think we should count ourselves one up.

He goes to Greyfriars. It's about the most intensive Biblical study school that I've ever seen. Greek is a pre-requisite to being accepted. I've taken the simple actions of washing his car, mowing his lawn, peeling his grapes and trimming his toenails in hopes of being his second in command when he takes over the world as the Caesar of the second Roman Empire.

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