Thursday, August 16, 2007


Within one week, I will have read Augustin's "Confessions", Cicero's "Ad Herennium", Postman's "Amusing Ourselves to Death", someone's response to it called "Everything Bad is Good For You", a book on the history of math called "Math through the Ages", the intro and beginning to another book on math about its effects on American culture, Athanasius "On the Incarnation" (Lewis's intro, of course), the First ten books of "City of God" (also Augustin); I will have written 75 entries (acceptable to Nate Wilson entries) in my commonplace book, read some other book on the techniques of writing, some book on how to read a book (followed by one called "How to Read a Book Slowly", which should take about three hours...), as well as doing Latin, choir, rugby (huzzah! Oh wait...I'm not British), and writing a four page paper (30% of my Lordship grade) on Augustin's interpretation of the first two verses of Genesis.

So why am I writing to all (two) of you?

I am waiting for my homework binder to be returned.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Take as Bear

An interesting note that I will not attempt to defend or anything productive like that; I'll just be blithely asserting for a good bit of time, take it or leave it.

It seems to me that "take" in Ex. 20 is not to be interpreted as we generally interpret it, rather, it is to be interpreted as "bear".

Nothing more for the moment; I should be reading Latin.

J. Broussard


Well, I have yet newer news. I am in a duplex (604 East "E" St, Moscow, ID, 83843) with as of yet one roommate, a 26 year old named Travis, also a beginning NSA student.

Things have been very fun so far, and my first assignment is tomorrow night. I am almost all done with bureaucratic paperwork, and am having a jolly good time with Latin (Marcus ridet Julii. Marcus is a jerk, etc.).

Have no idea when I will next be entering an entry.

Wodehousian Fun