Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Damage so Far

I have had most of my finals, and am only waiting on my Latin oral and written. I did best in theology (no big surprise), with a second CL on my worksheet, and perhaps a CH to SCH on my oral, but of course I'm not sure. My Natural History was wretched, and I'm awaiting my course grade. Part of the problem was that it was very early in the week, and I had less time to prepare, but most of it was that I had no idea what was expected (which was my own fault), and prepared poorly. My History was on the low side of average, probably a CS-CH, depending upon the way the test was weighted (if at all) and mistakes that I'm not yet aware of (which are indubitably manifold).

I have my Latin oral tomorrow morning, and the written is Thursday afternoon. I don't expect to do very well on the oral, but I may end up surprising myself, and I expect to do decently on the written, with a lot of work ahead of me. Yet, in a time, two times and half a time, I will be on to something else. Probably more school, but that's okay: I enjoy school. I expect to spend ten very happy years getting my Bachelors, and may go for a Ph D, depending on whether I can still hear the lectures by then. No, I actually am having fun, but am very much looking forward to being home.


Monday, March 9, 2009

Thanks a Lot, Digory. Jadis is Great.

Boy Howdy
Topic: Global Swarming

I put my truck in 4-wheel drive this morning to help me get to work . . . in March. Late last week, I was assuming that we were dealing with a spring snow, the kind of thing we have to put up with in Idaho from time to time. But no, this is the real deal, a winter storm that is, as I write, still coming down hard. Of course, I cannot let the moment pass without offering my tribute to the really smart people who believe that the threat of global warming is so real and so pressing that we have to slap all kinds of extra-cost burdens on industry in the middle of a hard recession in order to save us from the perils of having to take our coats off.

I know, I know, somebody is going to say the science is undisputed. And it is undisputed if anyone who disagrees with this naked statist power grab is, by definition, a crank. It is undisputed if you are allowed to exclude from the ranks of respectability everyone who disputes it. The way these global temperatures are measured, they stopped rising ten years ago, and are now in a marked decline. Even some of the fanboys of statist climate salvation are acknowledging this, and have taken to saying that when this current cooling trend ends, boy howdy, then all that pent-up global warming will take off with a vengeance. These people are genuinely religious, and they walk by faith, not by sight. Or, as is more likely, they put their play for power in motion and cannot stop the play until it is whistled dead. When it is whistled dead, it will be for a loss of about twenty yards.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

So Soon

I have finals this week (may God have mercy), and then I go home. I leave Friday morning, stay in Washougal with family, and get home Saturday afternoon/evening (to a wine and poetry night, perhaps?).

What this basically means: in six days, I see my family.

Wodehousian Fun