Thursday, September 6, 2007

Sublimely Blessed

I would not have thought it possible, but I currently appear to be holding between an SCH and a CL in all of my classes, though Latin will take a great deal of work to maintain.

The readings I have not found to be too difficult; this week was the hardest yet with just under 500 pages in the City of God (now finished), along with 250 in rhetoric and another 100 or so in math, all within the same week, most within the same two days, one of which was an unpleasant day regardless.

I will be posting my rough draft on Augustine's view of Genesis 1:1-2 pretty soon.

All in all, I am delighted. I have rarely had as purely glorious a time as I have been having as of late. The one complaint is that I am here without all of you, instead of here with all of you. This can be easily solved, however. Just move.

Please continue to keep me in your prayers, and I thank you that you have done so thus far. My desire is to glorify God in my life, and He is Gracious and Compassionate in giving me this desire. Pray that I learn to be faithful and disciplined, so that I may be a better reflection of His Son. Also join my roommates in praying that I learn how to cook.

What more to say? This culture is a different world, one that glorifies life, joy and wisdom. It is very much like the church family in Ferndale, just a lot more people, all of whom slaughter me in basketball.

I love and miss you all more than I can say. I hope to be returning about Friday of finals week; I'm done a bit earlier than most. Four more weeks, and I hope to see my church again.

Thank you all again.

In Him,
Jesse Broussard

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