Monday, August 13, 2007

Take as Bear

An interesting note that I will not attempt to defend or anything productive like that; I'll just be blithely asserting for a good bit of time, take it or leave it.

It seems to me that "take" in Ex. 20 is not to be interpreted as we generally interpret it, rather, it is to be interpreted as "bear".

Nothing more for the moment; I should be reading Latin.

J. Broussard


Anonymous said...

Is this what you mean (see below)?


When you call yourself a "Christian" then you are taking the name of the Lord, (Christ). This is akin to a woman "Taking" the last name of her husband when they marry.
When you "Take the Lord's name" by calling yourself a Christian, then you should do your best to follow his teachings and precepts in your daily life and be as Christ-like as you can by remembering what it was that He taught us about Loving one another, helping the poor and downtrodden, feeding the hungry, clothing those who have no clothes, being truthful, caring for the sick, being good and kind, etc.
When you don't do these things but rather lie, cheat, steal, act selfishly, deliberately hurt others, bear false witness against others, etc. and still call yourself a Christian then you have "Taken the Lord's name in vain."

Jesse Broussard said...


Also note the significance of the word "before" in the 1st commandment.

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