Sunday, July 29, 2007

Harry Potter is Dead!?

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Finally.

Yes, I spent money on this book. Yes, even more unbelievably, I took a day-and-a-half-break from the Confessions (Augustine's, of course) to read it. there a stronger word for "anticlimactic?" I thought people were going to, well, have things happen to them. Rowling has already robbed death of the fear that it should invoke, of the rage that is proper to feel when facing it, and here she proceeds to rob life of any hope of meaning. And who on earth is Ginny? I figured that we'd get some kind of glimpse of personality or something, after all, she ends up being the main character's wife (oopsie).

Here's a hint: bad people-ish thingy's die, good people-ish thingies (save Mad-Eye and Dobby and probably a couple others that I can't be bothered to remember) live. Now you don't have to read it. Oh, and the racist house elf Kreacher is actually just misunderstood and maltreated, because we're not responsible for how we respond to our environment, remember? I'm sorry, must have missed the last twenty years of narcissistic, emotionally masturbatory self-esteem tripe necessary to make these books "truly worthwhile". And Voldemort forgot to take into account the fact that magical creatures other than wizards exist. Rowling must have missed the memo--"He's supposed have IQ greater than that of your average squid; he's supposed to be the scary bad-guy". Surprised she didn't try to make him misunderstood and maltreated--oh, that's right, SHE ALREADY DID. Isaiah 14, NIV: "And Satan rebelled, 'cause God was really mean to him, and didn't let him watch TV, or play on the computer after dinner, and Satan wanted to be God, but God was really mean, and didn't share, and..." What is this absolute crap?

Her ending (kind of a "Nineteen Years After") has all the friends happily together forever. Great. Really. But they haven't changed at all, probably still can't quite grow facial hair. This will be a very believable part of the movie--stick a couple short red-heads into the picture and don't bother changing Ron, Harry and Hermiony's clothing from the previous scene. Truly pathetic. I actually waited for this book to come out?

When the movies are gone, give it a decade or two and no one will even remember. I will re-read the Chronicles of Narnia in a vain attempt to expunge the nothingness of such an inane and passively sentamentalistic worldview from my mind before I return to the Confessions.

Other than that, though, I thought it was pretty good.


Ashley said...

I like how you rip on these books when you've done nothing but love them for years now.
Don't try to pretend you aren't a Harry Potter nerd, it happens to everyone.

Jesse Broussard said...

I shall never confess. Okay, I liked them a great deal more than I let on.

I just think the last one should have been two; as it was, it was just too forced, too rushed, and I really wanted to get to know Ginny. She was a cute, spunky redhead.

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