Monday, February 9, 2009

Thanks Ligioner

A conference is on sale (DVD) that looks promising, to say the least. It's called The Power and The Glory, and features fourteen 45-minute messages:

Strange Fire (Ferguson)
I Will Be Your God (Wilson)
The Glory of God (Sproul)
In the Beginning: The Glory of God from Eternity (Mohler)
The Glory of God Through Man (Sproul)
The Glory of the Promise (Ferguson)
The Power of the Promise (Wilson)
The Myth of Influence (part 1) (MacArthur)
Questions & Answers
The Family As a Key to Reformation (Sproul Jr.)
The Glory of the Power (Ferguson)
The Myth of Influence (part 2) (MacArthur)
Questions & Answers
Beholding His Glory (Sproul)

It's selling for $68.00, which is down from $85.00. The link is on my title.

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