Saturday, January 19, 2008


It is as I supposed. I, and twenty five others, failed math. I passed Latin, in the words of my instructor, by the skin of my teeth. Lordship was decent, with a low final and low paper. But Rhetoric, Rhetoric I was not expecting. No, this one blindsided me. I got a Cum Laude. Usually known as a CL, but as I am one of maybe ten in the class, I am pronouncing every single blessed syllable. This is the second highest grade available, and to get this from Misters Wilson and Grieser is not at all common. So, I can't do anything useful, but I can convince people that I can, which is obviously more important.

I have officially, as of Monday, withdrawn from Latin for this term, though I continue to go to all classes, including the extra study sessions that are offered; I am also going to be receiving enough study material from Magister Griffithius to last me through summer. I have no intention of taking five years to complete a four-year degree, but neither do I want to get the degree by a very narrow margin. I have every hope of acing Latin next year, and hope to graduate with honors, should it be feasible.

Jesse Broussard

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