Monday, January 14, 2008

Checking in

Now that the first half of the year is over, the teachers are being somewhat less cautious about overloading us with homework, which means, ironically, that I'll be posting more frequently than usual, as I am settling into a much more restricted schedule. I plan to post each Saturday, largely upon what I have done throughout the week, more as a record to myself than as an announcement to anyone else.

This week's course work is as follows:

Monday: Back to school, Latin test; Math; Rhetoric lecture; Arabic.
Tuesday: Lordship lecture.
Wednesday: One lectio in Latin, colloquium, workbook; First six books (three volumes) of Quintillian due Rhetoric Declamation, twenty-five commonplaces, two poems daily, and 250 word original composition to present to class; First chapter of "A Tour of the Calculus" due to have been read twice by Math lecture; Arabic.
Thursday: New Testament due to have been read by Lordship recitation.
Friday: Review in Latin for Monday's test, completion of chapter, lectio, workbook and colloquium due in class; Math quiz, reading chapters V and VI twice each in "Mathematics Through the Ages" due by Lecture, plus outline of these and chapter one of "A Tour of the Calculus" due in Lecture; Disputatio: announcements and grades.
Saturday: sleep in, read a bunch, Sabbath begins at sundown, Sabbath dinner while watching the first two installments of my very own BBC A&E production of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice for a movie night.
Sunday: continued Sabbath (which means have fun and relax), church, Sabbath ends sundown or shortly thereafter :-) , continued review for Latin test.

Jesse Broussard


Ashley said...

We tried to call you several times when you were home...
Busy I guess?

Jesse Broussard said...

No, I just don't like using my cell phone, so I leave it in my truck until its battery is dead, at which point I am free to ignore it forever.

Sorry. Try the Moody fam or email, I guess.


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