Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bifurcum Spirans Mammale

ManaliveManalive by G.K. Chesterton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Similar to Thursday, but very excellent. So queer and living a man.

#3). I have to say, I really am fully convinced that Chesterton was married to a redhead. There's no other reason for all of his heroines to have red hair. I would also like to take this opportunity to laugh at Brooke--if Chesterton married a redhead, then redheads are obviously superior to every other hair colour.

This book is vintage Chesterton: characters that you meet every day with one that no one but he could dream up. The man is a fool, a genius, a man of tremendous size and athleticism, yet of childlike simplicity. Indeed, "childlike" is perhaps the only accurate way to describe him.

I don't really want to give too much away, in case there's anyone out there mentally deranged enough to read me before he reads Chesterton, but it's an extremely worthwhile read. About half of it takes place in an unofficial trial of the main character, Innocent Smith. Just a great book, light, frivolous, full of commonplaces (In short, he undoubtedly had brains; and perhaps it was not his fault if they were the kind of brains that most men desire to analyze with a poker), and very quick. It really is a very fun book, and this is my third (?) time through it.

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Melanie H. said...

So, having red hair gives me bonus points? Score!

I read Manalive last year and totally agree, it is very fun. Had me in stitches half the time. :-)

J. A. Broussard said...

I'm not sure about bonus points, but it definitely covereth a multitude of sins. Especially if you're short. I think this is how the whole "age of accountability" thing got started: some dad had a cute redhead for a daughter, and realized that she was entirely too cute to be capable of sin until she was tall enough to reach the gas pedal (but not the brake) in his Vette, which of course happened when she was twelve.

If you, being a redhead, enjoy Chesterton, I feel it is my duty to refer you to this book:

I happen to know at least one other redhead likes it. Though not cool enough to be a redhead, and unfortunately entirely too tall to be incapable of sin, I haven't left home without it in six months.

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