Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Cartleginians

Alexander the GreatAlexander the Great by Paul Anthony Cartledge

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I have a request to make. Could all of you "scientifically respectable" authors who decide to, for the sake of being on the cutting edge of whatever you're writing about, just make a statement in the beginning of your book. The statement should be along the lines of "Just to let my readers know, I hate God, and I don't believe in Him, so all dates will be marked as 'Before Common Era' and 'Common Era.' Just so you know." And how is replacing the Latin "anno domini" with the English "common era" more politically correct? We can't have God in there anywhere, but we have no problem replacing him with America? This bugs me. I think any author that does this should be required by law to only order "Freedom Fries" at any restaurant that serves them, just to be consistent.

But the book was good, about Alexander, the Great Alexander the Second, son of Philip of Macedon. Worth reading.

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