Monday, September 27, 2010

John Adams

John AdamsJohn Adams by David McCullough

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This book I picked up because it was available, not because I had any particular interest in the man. That has changed. From his deeply loving and tender marriage to his obsessive political career to his troubled children to his tumultuous friendship with Jefferson, this is the story of a brilliant, flawed, real man, for whom I now have the greatest respect.

Without this man, we most likely would not be a nation: he was the one that fought ceaselessly for a declaration of independence, and yet he harbored no delusions regarding the length of the conflict or the effort that it would require. He alone of all the proponents for the war declared that it could take upwards of ten years.

This also contains the origins of John Quincy, and they are fascinating.

Excellent book, with perhaps not so many original quotes as I would have liked.

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