Thursday, July 22, 2010

First Hebrew Class

The first class was magnificent. Simply delightful, and I can now say: he remembered: the king? He reigned. As well as: Hand faithful word he declared truth. Also: Emeth should probably be pronounced Emet, and the first two words in the Bible are not Barasheth Elohim, but Barashet Elohiym. The class is about two years long (or until everyone quits), and is free. How awesome is that? Thanks to Ben Merkle: yet another reason to put off studying Latin.


Bobbi Jo said...

How often do you meet, and does everyone proceed at the same speed or are you able to get ahead/fall behind as the rest of your life allows?

rebec said...

Did you get your text yet????

J. A. Broussard said...

Yeah, I got the book, and it's magnificent. We meet once a week (the scheduled plan is two years or until the last man falls), and it's a very slow pace: maybe ten minutes a day, so no one has fallen behind yet.

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