Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Torture via Stewart

This is a 3 part video between Mr. Stewart and Mr. May on torture. Overall it's quite good (any parents should preview it before giving it to their kids); May is the more consistent of the two but Stewart is of course funnier.

The primary problem with Stewart's position is that it is based upon the solid foundation of anti-gravity cottage cheese: "the principles of our founding fathers..." Oh good. Like Adams? Madison? Or did you mean Monroe or Franklin? Washington and Jefferson were at polar opposites from banks onward, how do we assume we'll find them singing kum-ba-yah and roasting marshmallows on what constitutes torture?

Also, he doesn't seem to have given much thought to what exactly torture is. He knows it when he sees it, but what if it was ten nights naked and awake instead of eleven? Or ten nights clothed? Nine? He's fine with one night; where's the line? Three nights, two hours and twelve minutes for any male that's 5' 9" or above? We need some definitions.

However, he appears to be an excellent debater, and his form surpasses his content. This is a good example of how the demeanor of those debating can completely engulf and overshadow what's being said. The funnier pastor (shepherd) leads the ovis (sheep) into an ovation, which, as you may have noticed, bears a philological resemblance to "ovis."

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