Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Folly of Mine Youth

Well, it's finally up, over a year after its occurrence. Now, anytime that the desire moves trahere me, I can watch myself hurtle across a video screen into 6' 8" and 260 lbs of Patrick Swanson with enough force to dislocate my left shoulder on impact. Then I get blithely brushed aside--it's pretty impressive--as the rest of the team arrives to rat-pack him to the ground. I still am pretty sure he wouldn't have gone down had he managed to step over me instead of trying to step through me, and tripping. But we'll never know now, will we?

Anyway, click on the title if you haven't seen it and want to. As close as I can tell, my shoulder either goes out when I hit him or when he steps, cause it's out by the time I hit the ground.


Kelsey said...

Ouch! What else is there to say?

J. A. Broussard said...

The doctor was impressed. He said "It looks like someone stuck a hand grenade in there..." My collarbone was sticking almost straight up and my rad-ul terminated in a couple of ribs.

They put me under a general to put it back in, and the nurse says I was quoting John Donne and asking for Holly when I started waking up.

It was about six months before I could do a single push-up, and I almost popped it out again on a couple different occasions, but it's in pretty good shape now. I'm working on doing incline presses, and that seems to do some good (at least it hurts like hell in a good way).

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