Wednesday, April 22, 2009

All Right, Miss Phelps...

This is a response to Kelsey Phelps' latest blog posting, so direct all virulent hate mail there.

Yes, I agree, Earth Day is kind of a cop-out of a holiday (we'll be celebrating Oxygen Day soon, kids!), but it apparently was recently celebrated. Ask Kelsey. I don't know--since leaving all the hippies in Humboldt County, it's somehow easier to forget that they're out there, and without them celebrating Earth Day, I forget about it too.

But I digress down yet another bunny-trail. Bad bunny. Shoot the bunny. Bang! Now the bunny's dead. Metaphor way too swollen: reel it in.

Okay, here are some photos of my favorite places to be (limited to earth). If you notice a theme, don't be surprised. If you don't notice a theme, don't ever become a snake hunter.

I would love to be here, at home, in Humboldt County:

Or here, with them:

And would I really mind being here? No, I don't think I would.

I loved being here with them:

and here:

I would have loved to have seen this,

and I would greatly love to be here, at home, with her:

Or with her (but preferably both):


and here:

And here with them:

These are some of the places I call home, and some of the people I call family.


Kelsey said...

Beautiful pictures, my friend! Thanks for playing! Earth day is a lovely holiday, thank you very much, even if no one really does anything to celebrate it. It's important to cogitate on the people and places that are important to us though, you know?

Hope you're doing well up North. Is it warm yet? Does it get warm up there?

J. A. Broussard said...

Actually, yes. I'm amazed: it hit 70 something last week. Of course, it's snowing again now...

Not really. But last year it snowed in June, so I haven't packed up my snow clothes, but I am riding my motorcycle.

I also agree, cogitating, ruminating or even perhaps VISITING (I wanna go home) the people and places that are important to me is important, yea, verily I say unto thee 'tis essential. Roots for a tree and all that.

"Good morning, Jeeves." "Good afternoon sir." This surprised me. "Is it afternoon, Jeeves?" "Indeed, sir." "But it's dark out." "You will recall that we are in Autumn, sir, the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness." "Mists and what?" "Mellow fruitfulness, sir."

rebec said...

We miss you, too.
And per your Twitter: we, as well, have a longing to have you home...

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