Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Should Have Known

I'm still catching up on all my reading, and am on schedule. I'm also on page 226 of Dandelion Fire. As it's a zero sum game, I'm not sleeping much. The book is dizzying.


Kelsey said...

What is this miraculous book of which you speak?

J. A. Broussard said...

It's by my rhetoric teacher of last year, N. D. Wilson. He's in his early thirties, and has just released the second book of a trilogy that's being published by Random House.

The first one was 100 Cupboards, and the second is Dandelion Fire. They're fantasy, about a boy named Henry York who is sent to live in Kansas after his parents are abducted somewhere in South America. His room is in the attic, and behind the peeling plaster, he finds 100 cupboards, each of which (save one) leads to a different world. While exploring with his cousin (Henrietta), he manages to set loose an ancient Endorian witch (Nimiane: the one that killed Myrddyn, or Merlin as we know him--I'm a sucker for the Welsch), as well as discover many secrets about his past and his parentage.

I'll send you an autographed 1st ed. of both with your letter, whenever I get it written. They're quite good, and remarkably fun. However, to get a decent sampling of Nate's prose, I'll post something else for you.

Kelsey said...

You're such a sweetie! I can't wait. I'm at home with the flu right now and having a miserable time, so this was a great pick me up.

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