Friday, March 28, 2008

Supper of the Lamb: Book Review

I usually do not actually post my book reviews, so allow this to emphasize the joy that I am receiving from being forced to read Rober Farrar Capon's Supper of the Lamb (click on my title to purchase).  It is a small, wry, Chestertonian "cookbook,"  and worth the spare money and time that you nonchalantly leave lying around.

I have enclosed a small sample of the prose from this book dedicated to his wife: "The lightning behind all this thunder."

"The world may or may not need another cookbook, but it needs all the lovers--amateurs--it can get.  It is a gorgeous old place, full of clownish graces and beautiful drolleries, and it has enough textures, tastes, and smells to keep us intrigued for more time than we have.  Unfortunately, however, our response to its loveliness is not always delight: It is, far more often than it should be, boredom.  And that is not only odd, it is tragic; for boredom is not neutral--it is the fertilizing principle of unloveliness."


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