Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Quick Comment on Matthew

Matthew is one of the more structurally interesting books of the Bible (though not quite as cool as Revelation, John, or Deuteronomy). It simply portrays Christ as the new Israel and the new King, point by point.

1). Genealogy: portrays Christ as the new David (see half of my previous posts)

2). Dreams save him (Joseph)

3). "Out of Egypt have I called my son..."

4). Slaughter of the innocents (Israel has here become the new Egypt, which means that plagues will come upon her, and the Covenant of God will go out from her)

5). Baptized upon return from Egypt (Red Sea)

6). Theophany (pillar of fire and smoke, mountain, etc.)

7). Forty days=forty years: 1 God's Word above food=transgressed God's Word out of desire for food; 2 You shall not tempt your God=Where your fathers tested me (Hebrews 3:9); 3 Refusal of idolatry on the mountain=idolatry while "on" (via Moses) the mountain.

8). Conquest of Canaan.

The list goes on and on. Just interesting to keep in mind when reading Matthew.

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