Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Suicidal Love and a Proper Response

There is an absolute and glorious security (yes, it's a Calvinistic doctrine) in the fact that we cannot fail God: before He laid the foundation of the world, He knew, indeed, He ordained every sin and flaw within us. He could have made us otherwise, but He did not. Not only did He not make us otherwise; He died for us as we were so that we might one day be as He is.

There is an element of truly suicidal fearlessness in this Love. It is a Love that not only looks at the hammer poised to drive the nail into its hand, but also designed the hammer, the nail, the one who wields them, and in such a way that there could be no doubt as to the end of the story.

Why? For His own Glory, Love has done this.

So, when we again raise the hammer, let us repent in proper awe. Let us realize that God knew an eternity before we did that we would raise the hammer and that we would lower it as well, and, far from reconsidering creating us, decided to honor us by glorifying Himself through our sins as well as our sanctification. Let us glorify Him as God, and let us give Him thanks.

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Ben said...

Thanks Jesse, I needed to read that this morning. That was three concise paragraphs of very necessary doctrine.

It’s really hard to gain the full prospective of what God did for us and render the proper thanks. John 15 says he chose us and calls us his friend. That passage is just mind boggling to me, that God would choose someone like me and call me his friend. I don’t know how you could fully glorify God without embracing his sovereign grace and love he has for us. We must understand God’s sovereign nature in order to repent with “proper awe” and give him the glory.

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