Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Defense of the Abstract: on catechisms

Abstraction is often disparagingly dismissed as being "impractical" or "removed from reality". It is, by definition, both of these and more. It is detached, cold and emotionless, and very often imbibed with a Spok-like inhumanity.

And it is one of the most neglected aspects of the modern evangelical Christian life.

Abstraction is how we are to prepare for life. Abstraction is the multiplication table, the knowledge that matter can neither be created nor destroyed, and that the chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. Each of these are abstract principles, and in and of themselves have no bearing on life: they are the frame of the house, and as they stand they do nothing to keep the rain off--not until we add story, life and symbol to these "dry principles" are they of any use.

But they are the frame, and houses generally (depending on the contractor) have frames. They are good. Frame=good. Abstract=frame. Therefore, Abstract=good.

What is my purpose in writing this? Not surprising, should you be even slightly acquainted with me. PARENTS, TEACH YOUR KIDS THE CATECHISM. Yes, brainwash the little brats--if you don't, someone or thing other than you will. We all have principles by which we live, and many, many of these are left over from our childhood. What are we leaving our children with? Will they start where we started? Or will they start where we are now, and far supercede us?

We condemn the world, and rightly so, for the judicial abomination of abortion; may God cast those who uphold it into everlasting hell where the worm does not die and the fire is not quenched. But we all too often condemn them without recognizing that all of the sins that we see in the world around us are merely a consistent outworking of the church's beliefs and practices. Abortion reflects our practice of spiritually aborting our own children, and homosexuality reflects the fact that many of our Christian unions are about as spiritually fruitful as Adam and Steve when they're wearing condoms.

To put none too fine a point on it, I'm not running for any damned office here; I am hoping, working and praying that I give offence. This should sting a little; if it doesn't, the needle has not yet penetrated your thick head. You are not "letting your children find their own path to God", you are letting your children find a path to their own god. It is the abstract principles of the Christian faith that will guide them in the path of righteousness.

So, get off of your overdeveloped posterior regions, quit whining and read a catechism. Is it Scriptural? Then TEACH IT TO YOUR KIDS (he said, speaking in capital letters so he wouldn't be misunderstood).


cinderella or wicked stepmother? said...

At not quite 3 years old, Owen knows that:
1.God made him and
2. God made all things,
3. that He made them for His own glory,
4. that we glorify God by loving Him and keeping His commandments,
5. and we do this because God made us and takes care of us.
(And that's only the first 5 questions!)
Proud to be brainwasher of young and impressionable minds.

Jesse Broussard said...


By the way, we have named our Burro "Burrito", and he is still not claimed.

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